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You've reached the site for Sean Clancy Enterprises.  
We have a couple of options here.
  • Guitar lessons
  • The software "Guitar SightReader Toolbox"
  • Musical knowledge posters
A good guitarist has great strumming and rhythm control, nice vibrato,
able to play solo lines that resolve on a note that harmonizes with the current chord, understands the 6 possible chords used in most pop songs, limits chords to 3 notes, has a list of cool licks to use, can play authentically in a variety of styles.  Everything else is chocolate.  I will take you all the way there and beyond with my guitar lessons (chocolate not included)

Located in Judea, Tauranga, come and get state-of the art Guitar lessons.  


Music software "Guitar SightReader Toolbox" is the best guitar and bass gym on the planet.

Practice things like ear-training, sight-reading plus many, many other tools to not only make you a better player, but also pass any music exam!

F Jazz Chords small.png

Posters for the music room either at school or in your home practice / teaching studio. Here are a variety of posters that are great reference sources.  Much better than the old notes on the fretboard jobs, you can get Jazz Chords, Ukulele chords, scales and progressions printed and sent to your address!

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