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Windows update





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January 2022

Version 8.2.1

The last install for Mac had a bug which prevented the SightReader score from displaying.  That's been fixed. This will require a full reinstall of the software - so, make sure you backup by exporting your user files to the desktop, which you recover once installed.  The link above will download the full install.

For both versions, the click that happens whenever you open a tool is gone.

Windows is an update, which you don't need to backup your user presets.

December 2021

This is a full install, so don't forget to backup your custom files before installing.

January 2021

Hot keys for Window are now working...  they were not firing.  You do need to click on the tool page to make it ready for hotkeys.  A few cosmetic changes on the Mac.

February 2020

Fixed the 10 day free trial on both Mac and Windows.  Also, on the Mac I enabled audio recording.  The Audio recorder is an indispensable tool that I use when cleaning up my fast lines!

January 2020

The email activation problem now works great...  There's also included a full 130+ page manual on all the tools and how and why to use them.  I also did a lot of small bug fixes and layout tweaks. 

December 2019

After what seems like forever, I finished version 8 for Windows and Mac and put them up to download!  Enjoy!

November 2019

Version 8.0.0 is now out.  For the Mac version, I had to completely redesign a lot of things for it to be 64-bit compatible.  So now it is and it runs great on Catalina.

There is a new activation system - which is dead easy to use.  The email you receive will actually go to your inbox and not into your spam folder!

There is now 8 chord library chord boxes across in Chord Library.  This makes more sense as you can use it to create song sheets for example.

You can now export your self-recorded files to your computer.

Note:  When you first start your recording in Mac Catalina or Mojave...  Usually it'll ask to use your Microphone.  Say yes.  If, for some reason, it says recording fails, open the metronome and it's recording controls and record something there.  that will fix it you can record now on every tool that has it.

In the next version Chart chords in SightReader will be available.  It requires quite a lot of work - but I'm on it :)



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