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Jazz Chords - F7 Dominant

F Jazz Chords list.png

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This poster is filled with the chords that real jazz guitar players actually use.  

Sure, there is a lot of information here, but that's why it makes good sense to have a big poster size for it.

The F7 is shown in 25 different positions

In each position, the black circles are the notes you put your fingers on.  Above the chord are the fingerings and because this is shown in F, there are fretboard markers to the left. It is movable to which ever key is needed.

In a chord, the highest note is called the melody note - or the first note.  The 2nd note is the 2nd highest and so forth.  Drop 2 means that the 2nd note has been dropped down an octave - same idea for Drop 3 chords.  This spreads the sound of the chord out nicely.

Using the diagrams of the far right means that you can change these 25 shapes to any chord you will ever come across.  For example, if you look near the bottom of the page, you can see the chord F7#5b9.

The spelling is b9, 3, #5, b7.  So, chose a chords shape on the poster.  For a 7th chord, the 3 and b7 will stay the same, but using the diagrams on the right side of the page, I need to replace the R with a b9 (move it up a fret) and replace the 5 with #5 (move that up a fret).


F7 _ F7#5b9.png

Guitar Progressions

Chord Progressions list.png

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The Guitar Progressions poster is going to be a great tool for songwriters or for people trying to learn songs without a chord chart.  The horizontal groups of chords can be cobbled together to create actual songs.  

As You can see, the I, IV and V are Major, and the ii, iii and vi are minor.  There is also a section called alterations (or sizzle chords).  These actually go out of the scale and create nice variations for the iii, ii and IV.

Take for example... House of the Rising sun in C

[Am    |C     |D     |F      |Am     |C       |E7       |E7       ]

Right away, you'll notice that we start with a vi chord.  This already sets the overall sound to be a serious minor sound.  Also, the D - which is usually played as Dm has been changed to the sizzle chord of D Major.  The same is true for the iii - Em has been changed to E7.

As students play around with the chords, they'll start to recognize songs they had heard but didn't know how to play before.


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Ukulele Progressions

Ukulele Progressions.png

A0 size

The Ukulele Progressions poster is exactly the same as Guitar Progressions, but tailor-made for this smaller sized and ultra portable 4 string instrument!

Choose 4 chords from a horizontal groups and you have the basis for your next best hit!


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Learn the Notes on your Fretboard

Learn the Notes on the Fretboard.png

Use this poster to develop the Super Human power of knowing all the notes on the fretboard without having to count frets or use some other geometric way of naming them.

Just follow the instructions on the page, and you know them intrinsically.

It really is a super power!


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Complete 3 string scales for Chords

3 String Scale Shapes.png

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Now that you know the notes on your fretboard, you're ready to solo using this extremely cool poster!

This poster contains every scale you would ever use, whether is be for simple rock songs with the Pentatonic scale, or jazz fusion with the Jazz Minor Modes.

Simply put the R the root note of the chord that is playing at that particular moment, and make sure the shape has the chord type that is listed underneath it as the same chord type of the chord playing - viola, you have a shape with notes that you can juggle together to make some melodies (sometime known as licks).

The top line is arranged so that left to right, the shape only changes by moving one note - so it's a great learning resource.

To be Clear, The real order is

                     Ionan, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian

                     (If         Dora     Plays        Lyke      Me              Alls         Lost).

You can think of Modes as moods.  4 modes you have already heard on the Radio!

Ionian = Happy = I

Mixolydian = Major Blues = V

Dorian = Minor Blues / Jazz Blues = ii

Aeolian = Serious Minor (natural minor) = vi

Yes, that's right - this corresponds with the chords used in Guitar Progressions!

Specific Chord Family Posters


This is an alternative for the Jazz Chords - F7 Dominant Poster above.

These are cleaner, less busy dipictions of the 25 jazz voicings for the Major 7, Minor 7 and the 7th chord respectively.

These contain the 3 chord families.  There only 3.

  • The Major Chord Family

  • The Minor Chord Family

  • The Dominant Chord Family

The Dominant Chord Family contains all the 7th chords.

It works similar to the Jazz Chord - F7 Dominant poster.  Go have a look at the blurb for that for more info.

Jazz Chords - F7 Dominant

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Jazz Chords - Fmi7

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Jazz Chords - Fmaj7

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Pentatonic Power!

Chords to Penatonics.png

Lots of guitarists are interesting in soloing.  They may learn the 1st pentatonic shape or they may get all five down.  They put on a backing track and find the basic pentatonic shape that will work over the whole song.  Frustration builds as they realise that they are noodling - creating lines that go nowhere.

Fear not...  this poster to the rescue! 

4 common chord grips are attached to specific pentatonic shapes.  It doesn't matter where you play these chords or how wacky the progression is, the pentatonic shape will just work.

This is great for creating a melody for your next instrumental song, a signature part for your band's hit or simply standing under the spotlight wailing away.

It's also great for Hendrix sounding chords when you weaving the chords and pentatonic shapes together.

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