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The Sean Clancy School of Modern Guitar


Here are the pricing costs depending on how many weeks your lesson day has in a month.  If you are taking a holiday, please let me know in advance so I can take that into account.  If the holiday is longer than 4 weeks, the time slot will be up for grabs.  You may have to settle for another time slot which is available.

If you have a postponed lesson, we can chat about when we can have that lesson during the week - maybe the weekend or whenever we can fit it.  Once again, to postpone a lesson I need 24 hours notice... Lessons will be counted as paid if this is not the case.  

Postponed lessons, if not taken by the student within 3 months, become void.  I am always open to making them available.

As in the FAQs, lessons cannot be cancelled, just postponed.  This is similar to the way most schools and learning institutions work.

2 students lessons:  If the students are at different levels, 1/2 the lesson will be focused on each separately.  The lesson price will go down to $34 a lesson each and this $68 needs to be paid at the start of the month.  If one student drops out, the lesson price will revert back to $55.  This is best done at the end of the month (remember - no refunds).

Use internet banking.  Please include (via Hnry) in the account name:

S Clancy (via Hnry)


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