I used your free trial to help me practice for a sight reading exam and I got a distinction!...
I've spent £100's on books before your software and it was no where near as helpful, your software actually helped me to 'Sight read'!

Thanks, Darrell - UK


Hi Sean I thought i'd let you know how blown away i was with all the guitar training, tools in your software. Man, it's like you created the swiss army knife equivalent of guitar training tools. I really like that it's all in the one app .... Every training tool is well thought out and well designed. Kind regards Paule ( Guitarist),

sight-reading software for guitar.

The Start Window
The Start Window

The Start Window

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 5.08.04 AM
Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 5.08.04 AM

Collect internet links
Collect internet links

The Start Window
The Start Window

The Start Window


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“Kudos to Sean Clancy for The Guitar Sight Reader Toolbox!
Guitarists of every level will benefit from this program.
A program like this was long overdue!
In a rut? The Guitar Sight Reader Toolbox is your answer !”
John A
Staten Island, New York

I recently bought the sightreader toolbox and I just had to let you know that I find it FANTASTIC!!!

I’m a professional electric guitar teacher in Luxemburg and use it on a daily base. Every lesson 5’ of reading. The students love it and their progress is spectacular!


Thank you & keep up the good work J

Erik Teuwens

Scrolling SightReader has arrived.  The most fun and effective way to learn to sight read on Guitar or Bass finally at your fingertips!

Setting up SightReader (long)

Deep Rhythm Editing hidden feature

Breaking news - Version 6.0.1 is live - Scrolling SightReader with fixes

The best sight-reading software for Guitarist and Bass player ever created could be in your hands for less than 2 guitar lessons!


Apart from sight-reading, Guitar SightReader Toolbox has up to 30+ other tools that will take your musicianship to the next level.  Best of all, your license means that your software will recognize on activation after you reformat or upgrade your computer - no need to ever contact me again for a key! See below for more!

Who is this "Sean Clancy" person who designed this?

Come and see my site!

  • The best ever sight-reading tool for Guitar and Bass - hands down!  Both scrolling and static tools.

  • Not just 1, but 11 ear training tools.  Includes 3 relative pitch and 3 absolute pitch trainers.

  • Every chord in 25 voicings and the scales that fit them - play and see.

  • Lick Library - a place to put all your favourite licks from your music collection.

  • Chord Libraries to make collections of all the new chords you come across.

  • Create great looking fretboard diagrams for you, students or for your instuctional guitar videos.

  • Record yourself and hear it back at any speed - without changing the pitch.

  • Transcriber - use any music file from your computer and change the speed of playback - the pitch stays the same!  Make bookmarks and export snippets to a lick library to capture your favourite licks.

  • Learn and practise playing through changes in the progression center!

  • An unbelievable metronome packed with features found nowhere else.

  • Video help as well as a complete PDF manual (download here)

  • Real personal support - email, skype and call me if you have any problems or questions,

  • As well as a lot more tools!

You can get it right now.  Please send me a message below with the email you want added as your contact email as well as someway for me to identify that it was you that bought it :)  This is the "buy one licenses, get one free!" for $79.99 USD

Skype Lessons now available!

My new studio is now set up to receive lessons locally (Tauranga, New Zealand) and via Skype!

you get a whole hour of lessons with me. $25 (USD)-Skype, $40 (NZD) at my studio.

You'll receive peerless lesson PDFs, and you'll learn soloing, chords, arranging, practical music theory and a variety of styles!

"I have used Sean Clancy as a Skype guitar instructor for the past year. I have had lessons in the past from noted instructors, but Sean is the only teacher who has connected the dots in order for me to solo effectively.  Sean has vast experience and a variety of practical resources that are exceptional.  His training methods to master timing I haven't seen anywhere else.  Not only can he explain playing concepts in an easy to understand fashion, but he can also play them amazingly as well -  and my playing and understanding has improving drastically!"

Paul W.  Auckland.

Drop me a line below and we can setup a time for your first lesson!

Sean Clancy