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The Sean Clancy School of Modern Guitar

Lesson Times


Q:  What can I expect to learn?


A:  I have a variety of modules developed to impart professional level skills as described in the module.  You may want to work through the module of bending and vibrato for example.  Once completed, I can give you a certificate listing the things you can now do.  Other students come with specific things they want to learn

Q:  What do I need to Bring?

A:  A Guitar, A binder to put your A4 handouts into, a USB pendrive, and I also advise a cell phone, so you can take a video example of what to practice during the week.

Q:  Who can come?

A:   I take complete beginners to very advanced.  A number of well known guitarists have come through my lessons.  The most recent was a student who couldn't really play at the start, but after 3 years of lessons with me, went on to win the best musician in the national rockquest competition.

If you have a daughter who is under 18 and wants to learn, the rules are that they need to be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.  

Q:   I can't make the lesson

A:    Lessons are never cancelled.  They are postponed.  24 hours notice for the postponement is mandatory otherwise the lesson is counted as a paid lesson.  This also covers if the student is sick. We can make the lesson up on another more agreeable time during the week (but you have to give me notice of this prior to 24 hours of the lesson).  For postponed lessons, they must be made up within 3 months or they become void. 

Q:  I have decided to stop lessons.

A:   I'm sad to see you go, however, whatever fees you have paid are not refundable.  I would advise that you finish your last lesson on the end of the month.

Q:  I understand I can come with a friend to reduce costs.

A:  This is true - have a look at the pricing page for more information and the discount.

Q:  My student attends school.  Do you stop lessons during school holidays?

A   All lesson continue year round.  This includes public holidays.  School holidays are a great time to get some practice in!  If you are going away during a holiday, Please let me know.

Q:  I want to get as good as fast as possible.

A:  Excellent.  This is the kind of student that gives me job satisfaction.  I recommend that you practice, practice, practice.  I can lead a horse to water but I can't make it drink.  

Note:  Although there are some rather set rules here, I am nice, so feel free to call me or chat at the lesson if you want to ask for any considerations.  If you have are a student who has any questions about your lesson that you don't understand, you can call me!