The Sean Clancy Showme.

Here are the stage riders.  Microphones should be attached to cables.  Keyboards, amps, drums are usually provided by my musicians.


For the Sean Clancy Experience (full band)

For a Sean Clancy concert (or clinics) with playback.
The iphone may be any device such as a computer or even a cell phone and it will be provided by myself.

Sean Clancy

Pro Level Guitar


Tauranga, New Zealand

Tel: +64 22-414-0972

Any kind of donation would encourages me that people really like the product and that it's worth much more than somebody would expect to get for the price.


I have created Guitar SightReader Toolbox as a real labour of love and, while I charge so little for it for the hours that I put into it, It would be great to have money for these things  (and I will delete items as I manage to get them):


  • A guitar which is better than my $200 squire

  • Travel expenses for visiting places where I can get treatment for Myotonic Dystrophy (DM1)

  • Wix Facebook page
  • Twitter Classic
  • Google Classic




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If you're a new user and would like to skype with me to take you through the various tools, please drop me a line here.


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