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When you are seeking out guitar lessons, you need the reliability of someone who can not only teach but also play.

At the Sean Clancy School of Modern Guitar, you will be coached to be the very best player you want to be.  

With state of the art handouts, detailed instruction, digital recording skills, lick composition, ear-training, sight-reading, learning every note of the fretboard and other skills, including how to hear a song and quickly play it, you can achieve goals that seem super human to other players.

Lesson are $50 NZD and that's for a full 60m!  See Lesson Pricing for more details.


The Lessons are situated in Judea, Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty.  Zoom remote lessons are available.

If you're an electric guitarist, there are effect units for you to use for tones such as rock, jazz, crunch - pretty much whatever is needed in the lesson.  We use Tonex Max from IK multimedia for all guitar amp tones imaginable!

State of the art software such as Guitar SightReader Toolbox, Transcribe!, Guitar Pro, Studio One  and Tonex are used to make an exceptional learning experience.

Lesson are once a week.  Usually, it's one-on-one but there are options for 2 students for one lesson time.

The Sean Clancy School of Modern Guitar

Covered Topic and styles:

Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Fusion, Shred, Country, Theory, playing Mechanics, Timing (pocket playing), lick composition, Rhthym playing and comping, DAW and Piano (optional).

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