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Version 8.4 is out for both Windows and Mac (You can now clean your licenses for when you want to transfer to a new computer!).

It's a full install - that means, before installing, export your presets that you want to save to the desktop (you can recover them from the folder Guitar SightReader Toolbox Exports.

It's using a new Database so if you want to activate your licenses, you'll need this new version!

sight-reading software for guitar
sight-reading software for guitar


I don't make a lot of money from the sales, so if you like the product and you feel the you are getting a lot out of it, please consider donating.

For any donation $25 or more, drop me a line using the the message box below and I will send you the setlist New Zealand School of music setlist.  This contains the audio and the charts for the tunes you would be learning at a jazz conservatory. 

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Right click the download link below and open select open in a new window.  

In  Chrome, choose save link as

Once it's downloaded, choose the keep option to be able to run the install package.  Don't worry if you see either a yellow or blue box when you run GSRT... it's safe for your computer. Just click on confirm on these boxes and you should be good to install!t.

Yes!  Mac 8.4.0 is officially fixed and good to go! 

After opening the install, right click on the package and select open.  To run Guitar SightReader for the first time, open your applications folder, Ctrl+click on Guitar SightReader Toolbox and select open.  It will open normally after that.

For windows, you'll need to install Java.  It uses Java script to render a print feature for the Static SightReader. Click above on the icon.

I have created a step buy step guide to help you download, buy a license and activate with nice pictures!

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