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If you're a new user and would like to skype with me to take you through the various tools, please drop me a line here.


If you have any other questions or testimonials, you can do the same.


This will reach me on my main email!



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Version 7.0.2 is online now!  Click on the Apple or Windows logo to download the full version.



The software will let you know about an update.



Version 7.0.2 is a new install from any version 6's and earlier.  Be sure to save your presets to the desktop before installing this.

If you decide that the Price for Guitar SightReader Toolbox is ridiculously low for the value of tools, and you want to make a donation... you can do it here.

If you donate $25USD or over, I will send you the entire New Zealand School of music Jazz tune list as a set list - charts, songs, send to transcriber!

For the Mac:  To run Guitar SightReader for the first time, install, open your application folder and Ctrl+click on GSRT and select open.  Then it'll open normally after that (thanks Apple for this).

For Windows:  Don't worry if you see the yellow box when you run GSRT... it's safe for your computer.

Both Mac and Windows like to charge developers money to remove these hurdles and when I start selling at more than 2-3 a month, I will pay it.  Until then, know that it is safe!