How to Buy

The process of buying and activating your software is really easy!


Here are the steps:


  • Download the software.  Install!  When you run it for the first time you need to be connected on-line.  '

  • For Mac, to run Guitar SightReader for the first time, install, open your application folder and Ctrl+click on GSRT and select open.  Then it'll open normally after that (thanks Apple for this).  

  • Go to the Main window and, in the menu, go to to registration.  Click on the menu item "Get Licenses"

sight-reading software for guitar
  • Enter in your email twice, choose your license bundle (the regular license is actually the price for 1 license.  I add an additional license for free because I’m very nice).  Make sure that this email is your main email account that you always have access to.  You will need this to activate your software.  Press the Paypal button.










sight-reading software for guitar
  • Your default web-browser will open…

sight-reading software for guitar
  • Click on this (which is in your default web-browser)

this will open a Paypal site as below

sight-reading software for guitar

This Paypal window is a true legitimate Paypal window.  Here you can pay with either your credit card, or if you have a Paypal account, with a Paypal email.  This Paypal email DOES NOT NEED to be the email you put in the license window.


At this point, you’ll want to activate your software.  Depending on the license bundle you bought, you’ll be able to activate GST on 2 or more computers.  It’s really easy to do!

  • Go to your registration menu again.  Choose “Activate this computer”

sight-reading software for guitar

This window will open up.  Make sure you use the email you used to license your software.  Be sure to add some name for your registration splash screen (this influences nothing – it’s just a nice touch).

sight-reading software for guitar

Press the “Activate button” and within minutes, you’ll receive an email in your inbox from me. Just click on the link in the email and your software will be activated!

If you've previously activated Your computer before, you don't need an email - it'll just activate!    

Restart GST and you’re all good and registered!

All further upgrades (including new features) are free!  Happy playing!

If you have any questions – please send me an email via the contact below!