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The Sean Clancy School of Music

The reason I have written this book is to save you the vast amount of money that you would pay to go to a University level Music school.  We will use it in conjunction with Guitar SightReader Toolbox.

However, there are definitely benefits that a jazz or music school will give you that you won’t get the benefits from this course, but if you’re resourceful enough, you can still get around that.

In a music school you’ll get the following:


  • Performance workshop – where you play a piece with other players to be critiqued in a safe place.

  • Playing with other musicians.  There is a huge amount of difference between playing in your room to a webcam and playing live in front of a group of people.

  • Deadlines.  In any kind of school, you have to provide before certain dates.  This is motivating – In this manual, we’re going to look at setting goals.

  • Advice.  Maybe people in the industry will be professors at your school.  They have done the hard yards.  Learn from them and always show them respect.


These are things this course cannot give you.  However, you can get the same things by:


  • Go to a jam session.  If there are better players than you, that’s even better!  You get better by playing with superior players.  However, if it’s a live jam, the critique has the potential to be devastating.

  • Setting goals and dates.

  • Get lessons or join a forum to ask questions or ask advice.  I’m just a facebook page away!



The things that this course will give you is this:


  • Playing in time and in the pocket

  • Playing the right notes over chord changes

  • Learning a repertoire of songs

  • Transcribing licks and tunes

  • Navigating chord charts

  • Reading music

  • Developing your ear

  • Learning a styles vocabulary

  • Creating your own vocabulary

  • Performance


These lessons are divided up.  You can spend as much time as you like on these.   I would recommend setting dates to finish each lesson by.


Go see the lessons!

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