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Beginning work on Sightreading Streamer

Back in the day, I made Sight-Reader stream for 2 bars, then 4 bars... In Guitar SightReader Toolbox, I decided to make SightReader show static sight-reading bars.

I remember seeing my friend Paul (a bass player friend of mine) get excited with the early version of SightReader saying "I'm reading music"!

So, with that image in mind, and with GSRT 5.1.0 out, I am going to sit down, program and add this streaming SightReader to the application.

It's going to take a lot of maths, a lot of trials, and lots of Bug testing before I release it.

Earlier last year, I also made a major set of tool based on being a working player - taxes and expenses, student lessons with curriculums, music venues, contracts. I am going to revisit this and add it to the software. It will be invaluable to music teachers as well as gigging players.

So, lots of work on... as always, I'm trying to make GSRT an invaluable resource to you!

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