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New Zealand School of Music Repertiore

Here is a list of the expected jazz repertiore for the New Zealand School of Music Bachelor degree...

I would suggest checking out the youtube version of each song and listening to it until you can play it back in your mind.

A. Learn the Chords

B. Learn the Melody

C. Change Run it (1,3,5,7 of each chord - different combinations for this too)

D. Compose a Solo using Jazz Idioms. Good place to start from is the 3 or 7 of each chord. While soloing, be able to play back the melody in your mind so you don't lose your place)

Tested Repertoire - New Zeland School of Music

Year One

1. Autumn Leaves

2. Blue Bossa

3. Blues Heads: Tenor Madness, Now's The Time, Bag's Groove, Blue Monk, Straight No Chaser, Sonnymoon For Two

4. Doxy

5. Just Friends

6. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise

7. Song For My Father

8. Summertime

9. Yardbird Suite

10. I Got Rhythm (original, with extra bars)

Year Two

1. Joy Spring

2. Four

3. What Is This Thing Called Love?

4. Stella By Starlight

5. Have You Meet Miss Jones

6. Someday My Prince Will Come

7. All The Things You Are

8. How Insensitive

9. Blues For Alice

10. Solar

11. Oleo

12. Maiden Voyage

13. Blue In Green

14. On Green Dolphin Street

15. Ornithology

Year Three

1. Cherokee

2. Giant Steps

3. Donna Lee

4. Body and Soul

5. In Your Own Sweet Way

6. Anthropology ? Moose The Mooche

7. A Night In Tunisia

8. Windows

9. The Days Of Wine And Roses (with Modulation up a Minor 3rd)

10. Alone Together

11. Caravan

12. In A Sentimental Mood

13. Bemsha Swing

14. Wave

15. Nardis

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