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Extra Goodies

Disclaimer:  I do earn a little from these tools if you buy them, but I have bought them one time or another.  I do find them extremely useful.  The book is all my own.  Click on the pictures to check them out or buy them.

sight-reading software for guitar

Here is my fantasy novel.  I have an idea that there will be four in the series - but I will write the other three when the first one pays for itself.  It's a really good read according to my test readers.


It's available at barnes and Nobles and Amazon.  


Click here to see it on Barnes and Nobles.

If you read it and you like it, post me a nice message about it and I'll include it here as a review!

Guitar Pro 6

This is a great piece of software that compliments Guitar SightReader Toolbox really well.  It works well for tabbing your collection of licks in the lick library.  All the examples there are done with Guitar Pro 6.

Singing Success

Singing is an integral piece of developing your overall musicianship.  Of course you don't need to sound like Pat Benetar or Billy Joel - but if you're going in that direction, this course will get you there!

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