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Q. What specs do I need for my computer?

A. You need a minimum screen resolution of 1280x800.  1366x768 can be used too - but on windows, you may have to set your taskbar to auto-hide.  Most laptops have these kinds of resolution or more.

  • Windows:  the software is supported from windows XP SP3 onward, although you may want to use a more modern OS.  2 Ghz or more is recommended. 

  • Mac:  GST will work on Mac OSX Lion and onwards.  

  • You will need to install Adobe Flash player for Internet on you system to play the help videos smoothly



Q.  How do I buy a copy of this software?

A Everything is taken care of inside the software - Go to the Main page and look under registration.  Choose Get Licenses and follow the steps.  There's also a video there to explain to you how to do it.


Q.  I activated my computer, but I didn't get an activation e-mail with a link.  What do I do now?

A.  It may be good to add to your email's accepted emails addresses.  

If you don't get the email then here's what you do... Assuming you've activated your software, email me FROM the email you entered when you bought your licenses and entered on your activated page and I will activate it from my side and send you a nice reply that you are now good to go!  

If you are activating more than one computer, try and do it on the same day - it seems to go better like this.


Q.  I installed a new version of Guitar SightReader Toolbox.  I'm a customer but it looks like it's unregistered... What do I do?

A.  This is easy!  Go to the activation page, enter your email and some kind of name you want on the splash page and press Activate.  The software will say "This computer is already activated".  Restart Guitar SightReader Toolbox - and viola, you're activated!


Q.  I'm thinking of reformatting my computer or updating my OS.  Will I lose my license?

A.  Not at all.  You can activate it after installing GST by activating and using the email that you used when you purchased your licenses.  You won't need to pay again or even contact me.  However, if you change too much hardware on your computer, GST may think it's a different computer.


Q.  I'm buying a license.  Why did I get two licenses?

A.  Well, I was going to charge $79.99 for one license - but I thought that I would give you 2 as many people have a computer at home and a laptop.  Why? Because I'm nice!


Q.  I've used all my licenses and I'm thinking of buying a new computer.

A.  All licenses can be wiped on m side - just shoot me an email.  Then you can used a wiped license to register your new computer!


Q. I brought Guitar Freak Workstation many years ago.  Is Guitar SightReader Toolbox an upgrade for me at a lesser price?

A.  Guitar SightReader Toolbox is not the same.  Although it does take the best ideas from GFW, It's a different piece of software, written in a much stabler language, over 4 years in development, runs on Macs and Windows and 50x more powerful.  So, it's not an upgrade.  However, at $79.99 (USD), you get all the features for 2 computers, that's only $9.95 more than only the SightReader Master Extreme side of GFW and $20 less than GFW the full version.  That's news that sounds delicious for any musician's wallet!




Q. Why so many amazing tools for such a low price?

A. Like most other musicians, I'm usually short on cash.  I made sure that cost wouldn't be a inhibiting factor to get this into the hands of musicians.  However, if you want to really show your appreciation, I do accept donations in my browser window (the monitor shown on the start window).


Q.  When buying my licenses, your software shows a paypal screen inside a window.  Is it legit?

A.  This is a true paypal secure window.  I'm not interested in harvesting people personal data - and I will not be giving anything like email addresses to any third party.  On the paypal site, you can pay also by credit card.



Q.  My mac version crashed - I'm a complete newbie with the mac.

A.  Make sure that when you get to the install window, you drag the picture of Guitar SightReader Toolbox onto the application picture.  This is how installing software for the Mac usually works - also, sometimes programs crash - I am always working on getting them more and more stable with each version.  My customers are always available to free updates!


Q.  I notice you have a blog on this website.  What's it for?

A.  I will not only use it to rant a little - but also, I will give thoughts on playing guitar and tips players might find useful.  I can also answer questions about GST, offer features ideas that I still have on my wishlist. 


Q.  There are now a few different software offering sight-reading tools.  Why should I choose this software?

A.  When I first started creating sight-reading software for guitarists and bass player, there was nothing for that on the internet.  This software is also specifically designed for guitar and bass players.  I even found another company trying to capitalize on the name SightReader - which is a real buzz-kill.  Players like my software because it helps them to learn to sightread and even pass exams!  Plus you get all the other tools which are extremely useful.


Q. Why the different pricing bundles?

A.  The more you buy, the more you save.  If you've got 5 different mates who would like the software, you can all pitch in and buy 5 licenses - one each.


Q.  I like to wear the same shirt for several days in a row.

A. Nobody can smell themselves.  Beware!

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